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Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel

Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel

Created byEkta Kapoor
Written byMukta Dhond
Neha Singh
Mrinal Jha
R M Joshi
Directed bySantram Varma
Ranjan Kumar Singh
Creative director(s)Tanushree Dasgupta
Chloe Ferns
Kadar Kazi
StarringMouni Roy
Arjun Bijlani
Adaa Khan
Karanvir Bohra
Surbhi Jyoti
Pearl V Puri
Anita Hassanandani
Nia Sharma
Vijayendra Kumeria
Opening themeSeason 1 & 2Tere Sang Pyaar MeinSeason 3 & 4Tera Pyaar Jivan Ka
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons4
No. of episodes264
Producer(s)Ekta Kapoor ,Shobha Kapoor
Production location(s)Film City
CinematographySantosh Suryavanshi
Animator(s)Bodhisatva Datta
Ink Bling Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time40 min to 90 min
Production company(s)Balaji Telefilms
Original networkColors TV
Picture format576i (PAL)HDTV 1080i
Original release1 November 2015 –

Naagin (transl. Serpent Woman) is an Indian supernatural fantasy thriller television series produced by Ekta Kapoor under Balaji Telefilms. The series traces the lives of shape-shifting serpent women. In every season, these serpents fight evil and keep the ultimate source of power, the ‘naagmani’, safe from evil.

The first season premiered on 1 November 2015 and ended on 5 June 2016 after 62 episodes. It starred Mouni Roy, Arjun Bijlani, Adaa Khan, Sudha Chandran. It became one of the highest rated shows on Indian television.

The second season aired from 8 October 2016 to 25 June 2017 with 75 episodes It starred Mouni Roy, Karanvir Bohra, Adaa Khan, Kinshuk Mahajan, Sudha Chandran and Mouni Roy as Shivanya in extended special appearance.

The third season aired from 2 June 2018 to 26 May 2019 with 103 episodes.It starred Surbhi Jyoti, Pearl V Puri, Anita Hassanandani, Rajat Tokas, Rakshanda Khan and Karishma Tanna in extended special appearance.

The fourth season adapted with a new title Naagin: Bhagya Ka Zehreela Khel (transl. Serpent Woman: the dangerous game of fate), premiered on 14 December 2019. It starred Sayantani Ghosh, Nia Sharma, Vijayendra Kumeria, Anita Hassanandani and Jasmin Bhasin in extended special appearance.


SeasonNo. of episodesOriginally broadcast (India)
First airedLast aired
1621 November 20155 June 2016
2758 October 201625 June 2017
31032 June 201826 May 2019
42414 December 2019TBA


Season one

Shivanya and her cousin Shesha are ichchadhari naagins (shape-shifting serpent-women) who seek to avenge the murders of Shivanya’s parents in a failed attempt to obtain the Naagmani, a magical gem. Shivanya marries the murderer Ankush’s son, Ritik, and kills his accomplices Viren, Shailesh and Suri. Shivanya falls in love with kind-hearted Ritik, giving Shesha concerns about her commitment and risking the loss of her powers.

Ankush’s wife Yamini is the final murderer, who learns Shesha’s nature and turns her against Shivanya. Yamini frames Shivanya for Ankush’s murder so that Ritik swears vengeance against her. Though Ritik’s feelings are conflicted, Yamini helps him kill Shivanya with a magical knife. She also kills Ritik for trying to return naagmani.

Shivanya and Ritik are revived by Lord Shiva. Learning the truth, Ritik helps Shivanya protect the Naagmani. Though she loses her powers, they succeed and kill Yamini. Shesha is imprisoned by the Mahishmatis (shape-shifting bees) who were behind the plot, attempting to obtain the Naagmani every 25 years.

Season two

Twenty-five years later, widowed Shivanya has an adult daughter, Shivangi. Shesha, Yamini and the Mahishmatis return, and Yamani’s nephew Rocky falls in love with Shivangi. Shivanya quickly arranges their marriage so that her daughter can avoid the hardships of becoming a naagin. On the wedding day, the evildoers kill the wedding guests and fatally stab Shivanya, blaming it on bandits.

Shivangi escapes the slaughter and survives a suicide attempt to become a naagin, vowing to protect Naagmani and avenge her mother. Shivangi interrupts Rocky and Shesha’s wedding a few days later, and Yamini makes Rocky to marry Shivangi, as she is the only one who can touch Naagmani. Later, Shivangi is saved from one of Shivanya’s murderers by Rocky, and she realizes that he is innocent. Shivangi kills the other murderers and avenges for a naag (male serpent) who was killed while assisting her. Rocky learns her identity and that she killed his family; he seduced her so that she loses her naagin powers.Then he made her imprisoned.

Following months of imprisonment, Shivangi realizes that her naagin powers are stronger than ever. She escapes and learns more about her and Rocky’s families, and how they had been manipulated. Shesha and Yamini cause Rocky to become a naag. Another naag helps reveal the truth to Rocky, but when Rocky and Shivangi reunite to fulfill her revenge, Rocky suddenly stabs Shivangi to death – apparently under orders from Ritik.

Season three

Naags Ruhi and Vikrant reunite as lovers. However, Vikrant is killed. The six murderers includes the younger son of business tycoon, Andy Sehgal, Yuvraj and his friends. Ruhi is distraught and swears vengeance on the murderers. Six months later, a naagin infiltrates the Sehgal home as a sassy and multi-rich investor named Vish Khanna. She kills Yuvraj who was engahed with a well-to-do man, Bela. The eldest son of Andy Sehgal, Mahir, marries Bela. Bela is revealed to be Ruhi who has transformed into Bela after her face was ruined and to complete her revenge while Vish is revealed to be her friend and a royal servant.

Vikrant had faked his death in a plot to obtain the Naagmani. Sehgal’s wife had also been killed and replaced by Sumitra, a naagin who is Vikrant’s mother. Learning of the plans, Bela made Vikrant to marry Vish, and he decides to help them. Mahir loses his memory when Sumitra bites him, and Sumitra later kills Bela and her allies.

Months later, Sumitra arranges Mahir’s next marriage, with another bridal party massacre. However, the bride is revealed to be Bela in disguise, accompanied by Vikrant and Vish. Bela and Mahir are later killed by Taamsi, a daughter of Vish, on behalf of her father’s family; that side of the family kill each other. Sumitra obtains Naagmani buts it loses all its powers, cursed by Shivangi.

Bela and Mahir are reborn as Shravani and Mihir. Twenty-five years later, Shravani gains naagin powers and memories of her past life, and reunites with Vikrant and Vish. Sumitra and Taamsi attempt to remove the curse from Naagmani, but Shravani summons Shivangi (blessed by Lord Shiva) to protect it. Shivangi restores the Naagmani’s powers. Shesha is revealed to have killed Shivangi in the form of Ritik and Rocky; the cousins fight, ending with Shesha buried in the ground. Rocky and Ritik are freed from a basement, and Shivanya is summoned from heaven; as Ritik dies, he and Shivanya are permanently reunited. Shivangi and Rocky start a new life together. Blessed with more powers, Shravani kills Shesha, Taamsi and Sumitra, then marries Mihir.

Season four

naagin princess Manyata marries a human Keshav. She give birth to a female child who can’t become naagin until the age twenty-five. Later, Keshav gets massacred along with his family. Manyata raises her daughter Nayantara to exact revenge on the Parikh family.

Nayantara waits to get naagin powers at her 25th birthday. However, the powers go to Brinda instead, who is later revealed to have been switched at birth with Nayantara. Meanwhile Dev, the son of murderer Vrushali, falls in love with Brinda. Manyata and Brinda are reunited and Brinda marries Dev to take revenge.

Vish returns from 3rd season with the motive of getting naagmani and plans to get it by Nayantara. However, her plan fails because instead of Nayantara, Dev touches naagmani accidentally and gets it in his forehead. Disappointedly, Vish scolds Nayantara and makes her vanish in a pillar, thus killing her. Meanwhile, Brinda starts her revenge by killing Madhav.



Season 1Season 2Season 3Season 4
Mouni RoyShivanya Ritik SinghA naagin from Sheshnag clan, wife of Ritik, mother of Shivangi.DeadMainRecurringGuest
Shivangi Rocky Pratap SinghA naagin from Sheshnag clan, became Mahanaagrani in season 3. Shivanya and Ritik’s daughter, Sangram Singh’s granddaughter, Rocky’s wife.AliveMainGuest
Arjun BijlaniRitik SinghKing Sangram Singh’s son, prince of Suryavanshi, Yamini and Ankush’s adopted son, Shivanya’s husband, Shivangi’s father, Rocky’s father-in-law.DeadMainGuest
Adaa KhanSheshaA naagin from Sheshnag clan, Shivanya’s cousin sister, Shivangi’s aunt. Takshika – Naagrani of Takshak clan (season 2), kusarp (season 3). One of the eight murderers of Shivanya (season 2).DeadMainGuest
Sudha ChandranYamini Singh RahejaKing Sangram Singh’s younger sister, princess of Suryavanshi, Ankush’s wife, Ritik’s aunt and adoptive mother (season 1). Ankilesh’s sister-in-law, Rocky’s adoptive mother (season 2). One of the five murderers of Shivanya’s parents (season 1). One of the eight murderers of Shivanya (season 2).DeadMainGuest
Karanvir BohraRocky Pratap SinghA naag from Takshak clan, Shivangi’s husband, Mahendra Pratap Singh and Vasudha’s son, Yamini’s adoptive son.AliveMainGuest
Kinshuk MahajanRudraA naag from Sheshnag clan, friend of Shivangi.DeadMain
Karishma TannaRuhiA naagin from Sheshnag clan, later reincarnated as BelaDeadGuest
Surbhi JyotiBela Mahir SehgalA naagin, Naagrani of Sheshnag clan, the reincarnation of Ruhi, Juhi’s elder sister, Mahir’s wife.DeadMain
Shravani Mihir SippiA naagin, Naagrani of Sheshnag clan, the reincarnation of Bela, Mihir’s wife.AliveMain
Pearl V PuriMahir SehgalAndy and Sumitra’s son, Sumitra (naagin)’s adoptive son; Kuhu’s elder brother; Yuvraj, Aditya and Pratham’s half-brother; Ruhi/Bela’s husband.DeadMain
Mihir SippiThe reincarnation of Mahir, Samarjeet and Kanika’s son, Mohit’s younger brother, Shravani’s husband.AliveMain
Anita HassanandaniVishakha a.k.a VishA naagin from Kaal Kuth clan, Vikrant’s wife, friend of Ruhi/Bela/Shravani.AliveMain
Rajat TokasVikrantA naag from Nidhog clan, Sumitra (naagin)’s son, Yuvraj Sehgal’s half-brother, Vishakha’s husband, a friend of Ruhi/Bela/Shravani and Mahir/Mihir.DeadMain
Rakshanda KhanSumitraA naagin, Naagrani of Nidhog clan, Vikrant and Yuvraj’s mother, Andy Sehgal’s faked wife, Mahir’s adoptive mother.DeadMain
Sayantani GhoshManyataA naagin princess from Sheshnag clan, Keshav’s wife, Brinda’s mother, Nayantara’s adoptive mother.AliveMain
Nia SharmaBrinda Dev ParikhA naagin from Sheshnag clan, Manyata and Keshav’s daughter, Pandit Ji and Swara’s adopted daughter, who has been swapped with Nayantara; Rajat’s Ex-fiancé, Dev’s wife.AliveMain
Vijayendra KumeriaDev ParikhAakash and Vrushali’s son, Rohan’s elder brother; Manas, Harsh, Sparsh, Hardik, Geetanjali, Lilly, Milly’s cousin; Brinda’s husband.AliveMain
Jasmin BhasinNayantaraManyata’s adoptive daughter, who has been swapped with Brinda.DeadGuest

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