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Check out this Marathi web series in Lockdown

Check out this Marathi web series in Lockdown

Over the last few days, you may have heard about Netflix, Zee5, Amozon Prime or MX Player or you may have one of these apps in your mobile. Simple Funda Hai Boss, whatever we see in the theater, we get the same content here. . Just spend a little money and get a membership .. Done, the entertainment shop is not in your home, but in the mobile .. It is a quality web series .. which you get to experience in the theater or more spice, drama, action, romance and most importantly Full on entertainment ..
Of course, how can a Marathi man stay behind in all this .. All these wars have entered the Marathi film industry and quality Marathi web series have come to the audience .. Let us know a few but you should definitely watch such Marathi web series-

  1. Samantar–

The Samantar web series based on Suhas Shirwalkar’s novel is very popular among the viewers.

२. EK Thi Begum

Ek Thi Begum is a web series based on a true story about the gang war and drug mafia in Mumbai in the 80’s.
The crime suspense thriller series is about a woman who leaves her mark on everyone from Mumbai to Dubai, whose husband is unjustly beaten and she takes revenge on everyone.

३.Kale Dhande

The comedy that makes you smile and hurt your stomach is the black business on Zee5..this is the story of a young photographer named Vicky .. this story revolves around how his life changes due to various unforeseen circumstances. He gets into more trouble with the idea of getting things right. As pure entertainment
This web series starring Mahesh Manjrekar, Sanskriti Balgude and Shubhankar Tawde is a hit.

४. Pandu

Maybe seeing this Siraj will give you an idea of ​​the situation of Mumbai Police .. at least in this lockdown .. it will take you into the daily life of a Mumbai policeman. This is a soft joke..police is just a man, the human side of the police is Pandu .. Pandu is not corrupt, nor is he a macho hero, he wants to take care of his child in the best way possible.

5) Aani Kay hava

Priya Bapat and Umesh Kamat’s ‘..Aani Kay hava’ is a sweet pink story that makes you fall in love, make you fall in love again and again and put a smile on your face .. From this series you will learn Get to see. The emotional complexities of being a husband and wife, understanding each other, all of this is a must watch series.

So here are some selected web series in Marathi which have been loved by the audience.

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