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This Shivakanyya is going viral on social media.

This Shivakanyya is going viral on social media.

Smita Dhoble

The 390th Shiv Jayanti was recently celebrated by Shivaji Raje, the founder of the Hindu universe, the founder of the Hindu universe, the source of inspiration for the Marathi universe. Every Marathi heart has a different love, respect and loyalty towards Shivaji Maharaj. Even the artists have a different light pocket in their mind. That is why the Shahid flies to the crowds, awakens folk art, paints some, paints the Maharaja with extraordinary art.

One such attempt was made by Smita Dhoble, a Shivakanya from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s birthplace. A separate photoshoot and video shoot of Mansaheb Jijau and Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s birth brought her to all of Maharashtra for Shiv Jayanti.

With the concept of “Shiv Jayanti of Shiv Thought”, she made the awareness of Shiv samskara in the present generation as one way. She is accompanied by two sweet little devotees, Shreya Sachin Shivalkar and Ira Sanket Kadam.

Likewise, Ovi Hatkar has done a wonderful photo shoot of Jijau and Child Shiva. Tejashree Bhatkar handled all these photoshoots for the sake of sound writing and self-delusion. Besides, the entire Dhoble family of Smita Dhoble also contributed greatly to this work.

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The feature of this photoshoot was that all the Shivpremias, Shiva devotees from all over Maharashtra shared every photo with respect and affection. The photoshoot received thousands of likes and responses from all levels of social media.

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