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The Most Popular Indian Investors In Silicon Valley

The Most Popular Indian Investors In Silicon Valley

Angel investors are definitely ‘angels’ for those budding startups, as they are benefited with a lot of assistance. Indian investors are never behind and are ruling the Silicon Valley, as three of them have been recognized by Business Insider among the ‘50 Best Angel Investors In Silicon Valley.’ These investors have their investments laid on early stage startups providing them great assistance for survival.

The investors are given the best name for the kind of work and help they do – from initial round of funding to management decisions, from raising more funds to getting the best deal possible.

There are a lot of investors who can cut startups first checks. Early stage startups find these investors to be the most helpful of all, for all their assistance and efforts in transforming a startup to a fully fledged company.

Naval Ravikant

Associated with: Hit Forge

Investments per year: 4-6

Investments per startup: $50,000 – 500,000

Ravikant is the co-founder of Genoa Corporation which was later acquired by Finisar, Epinions and Some of his portfolio companies include, Listia, Uber, and Zaarly. He spends his time angel investing and is also one of the authors of the famous Venture Hacks and he also actively helps in running the AngelList.

Manu Kumar

Associated with: K9 Ventures

Investments per year: 4-6

Investments per startup: $100,000 – 250,000

Manu Kumar a popular angel investor is also the founder of the famous K9 Ventures, a seed venture fund company. Kumar was an active participant and was involved in the tech industry for some time. He also has a CEO position on his profile when he was heading the software company called SneakerLabs which was acquired by Octane software in the year 2000. He also served as a CEO of iMeet, a web conference company which later merged with Netspoke in 2002. Some of his portfolio companies are Torbit, Lytro, and Twilio.

Chamath Palihapitiya

Associated with: The Social+Capital Partnership and Embarcadero Ventures

Investments per year: 10

Chamath Palihapitiya is name that brings pride to every Indian. He is the founder of the Social+Capital Partnership, a venture firm that proactively invested $200 to 400 million approximately. In the past, Palihapitiya also served as the Vice President at the social networking giant- Facebook, in mobile growth, platform and monetization. Though the figure on investment per startup is not disclosed he is actively associated with various companies and his portfolio includes, Treehouse, and Yammer.

Associated with: Menlo Ventures

Investments per year: 12

Investments per startup: $10,000 – 500,000

Pishevar is the Managing Director at Menlo Ventures, an active seed stage investment firm; he is also the founder of Social Gaming Network, a company much focused on developing attractive games for mobiles. He has great experience in the tech industry and also served as the general manager at the popular Mozilla. Some of his portfolio companies include Gowalla, TaskRabbit, PandoMedia, and Milk.

Mitch Kapor

Associated with: Kapor Capital

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Investments per year: 18

Investments per startup:  $100,000 – 250,000

Mitch Kapor is a partner at Kapor Capital and he is also a director at the nonprofit organization called Level Playing Field Institute. Previously, Kapor was the founder of the very famous Lotus, which was acquired by IBM for a whopping $3.5 billion. He has a rich portfolio of companies like,, Mozilla, Twilio, and Uber.

Georges Harik

Associated with: (Independent Investor)

Investments per year: 3-5

Investments per startup:  $50,000 – 200,000

Georges Harik, though an independent investor has a strong profile. He is the co-founder of hslabs and an IM network. He has also worked with Google as the director of Googlettes; he is known to have contributed a great deal towards Google on its Gmail, GTalk, Video, Picasa, Orkut, Groups, Mobile and AdSense. Some of his portfolio companies include IndieGoGo,, Venturebeat, and ZocDoc.

Jawed Karim

Associated with: Youniversity Ventures

Investments per year: 2-3

Karim is a popular name; he was the co-founder of YouTube, which he later sold to Google for $1.65 billion in 2006.  He is also the founder of Youniversity Ventures, a firm that supports students and aspiring entrepreneurs with startups. He also played a role in PayPal, where he assisted the company with its fraud system. Qwiki, TotBox, and Eventbrite are some of the companies on his angel portfolio.

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