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Samantar web series has received more than 80 lakh viewers in just 7 days.

Samantar web series has received more than 80 lakh viewers in just 7 days.

After having carving niche for himself with many hit films and TV serials, popular actor Swapnil Joshi for the first time will be seen in a Marathi web series ‘Samantar’.Produced by Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar of GSEAMS (Global Sports Entertainment and Media Solutions Private Limited), which has also ventured into the web series segment for the first time.“The show has been super hit in just 3 days we have touched 8 millions viewers which has made it the highest watched show in the history of Marathi web… now it’s also entering into non-Maharashtrian pockets because of the Hindi, Tamil and Telugu transition,” say producers Arjun Singgh Baran and Kartk D Nishandar of GSEAMS, and add “This success of ‘Samantar’ gives us enough encouragement to produce more such series based on variety of subjects”.

Swapnil Joshi and Tejaswini Pandit are playing key roles in the series which is first such web series for both of them. The series is based on Suhas Shirwalkar’s novel with the same name. Similarly for the well-known director Satish Rajwade of this show, it is the first web series after directing a host of successful Marathi films, plays and TV serials.Swapnil Joshi said, “Samantar, written by Suhas Shirwalkar, is one of my favourite novels. I had played a key role in the film Duniyadari based on Shirwalkar’s book a few years ago. He is a mightier writer and the Samantar deserves to prove a very good visual content. I am happy that I am part of the Samantar and having got the opportunity to be associated with Shirwalkar’s name and work for the second time after Duniyadari. I am thankful to Mrs Shirwalkar and their entire family that they allowed us – me, Satish Rajwade and GSEAMS – to go ahead with the project and showed confidence in us to shoulder this responsibility.”

Swapnil Joshi added, “Satish is fascinated by the book and is an able director for the project. This is one more project in which Satish and I are coming together. GSEAMS has played a key role in producing the web series based on a fantastic story. Star cast and crew members have taken pains to produce a very qualitative series. I am playing a character called Kumar, which is very different from my other characters played so far. It was a challenge for me as an actor. I am sure the audience will like this series very much. The web series is being presented by MX Player, one of the leading company, in this sector. I am sure that it will reach out to maximum people.” GSEAMS, which has produced a number of hit Films like Mogara Phulaalaa, Fugay, Tula Kalnar Nahi, Ranangan, Vicky Velingkar, mark their entry into web series with ‘Samantar

Samantar ' web series is getting tremendous response from the audience and the audience also likes the works of Swapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit and other artists in this webmasters. Seeing all the journey of Kumar Mahajan's fate Sudarshan Chakrapani has connected with this man and how to find out his fate.


Main Cast : Swwapnil Joshi Tejaswini Pandit
Genre : Thriller 

Director:  Satish Rajwade 

Language:  Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu 
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