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Manali Trip – The Best Trip of my life

Manali Trip – The Best Trip of my life

What life is all about we learn from travelling”
Its being a while, when i went with my friends on a road trip to manali.
It was a time when i was in college, will i did my colleging from Graphic Era Deemed To Be University, DehradunAnd it was my life changing experience.
One day i got a call from my school friends, lets catch up all and went on a road trip, i was shocked like how and when.. it tooks around 2-3 hours aftr discussing on the phone and we decided to move to Manali after 15 days
On the journey day, we were 5 people travelling to chandigarh, where we all friends were going to meet.
Some of mine friends come from Delhi, some from lucknow and at the end of the day we were 10 people who were moving forward for the trip to Manali
We stayed one day in chandigarh, and next day early morning we moved for manali

I must say, trips will make you learn the culture, the traditions, will make you more lively and you will also start feeling nature. After 12 hours of travel we reached to kasol, we stayed a night in kasol and went to rxplore kasol early morning, we went to local market and cafes and talked to israelians as kasol is also called as mini- Israel. Aftr that we went to manikaran, which is also one of the most beautiful places which i went ever, its something magical. Manikaran is famous for manikaran sahib gurudwara, this is gurudwara is famous because of hot cave and hot water pond which is situated in the parvati valley, rhe pond water is so hot, even at the time of snowfall. And that hot water pond is so hot that, rice is also cooked in that water only which is used to disribute to the people who are there for ‘langer’ in gurudwara

And gurudwara consist shiv temple inside also which is amazing.
Later on, moving ahead, we decided to do kheerganga trek,
Kheerganga is a trek which makes me learn alot of things in life, we started trekking for kherganga, and it tooks us 3-4 hours to reach on the top, and on the top ots a complete different word, there are something which we can’t explain in words, and kheerganga is one of them.
We have a talk with local people over there, we asked them whether they ever visited to plains, and there answer were ‘No’
They never went out of there mountains and don’t know what is technology, they just live in the laps of nature, there is no connectivity over there, no technology. Even if they have to bring basic need goods to the top, they write a letter and postman takes that letter to the city down and goods comes to the top on horse. And it tooks 3-4 days to come.

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They did’nt know what is television, never buy clothes ever, there family knitted the sweaters and lowers as there is cold all the time.
And i found, life can also be lived without connectivity and even better, i found people are small children are playing whole day with each other. The beauty of that place is incomparable. The history behind kheerganga is, people say that, waha pr kheer beheti thi paani ki jagah, and it was the place of lord shiva.
When naradnumi said that in kalyug, people will fight for this river of kheer, then there will be great fight and trouble in kalyug, then lord shive corverted that kheer river into normal water river
But the person who went to kheerganga, there is a hot water pond, jaha pr aaj bhi paani ke uppr kheer ki ek layer aati hai, and people eat that layer as a ‘prasad’
After completing trek from kheerganga, we went to manali, we explore local markets, mall road, hadimba devi temple, museum, did adventure rides and my fav. Old manali
After spending 2 days in manali, we move to Rohtang pass and we visited that beauty, there is 0 pollution over there which at the highest peak and height. It was too cold over there but was an amazing experience
If anyone is planning to visit manali, they must do kheerganga trek and visit manikaran also.

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